Street exercise equipment

Until 2015 we regularly supplied street exercise equipment, workout equipment, sports and playing complexes. We also supplied related products such as benches, garbage bins, rubber flooring, artificial lawn.
Since this type of product does not have the standard geometric shape, the most difficult issues were faced at loading:
- it was necessary to load the goods in a container so that all the goods fit and there were no leftovers;
- before each shipment it was necessary to carry out a full assembly of playgrounds and sports complexes in order to check that all parts are there;
- it was necessary to load the parts in a container so that during transportation they do not damage themselves under their own weight.

As a result, the following deliveries were carried out:
- children playgrounds - 32 pcs.
- street exercise equipment - 220 pcs.
- children playing complexes - 52 pcs.
- children playing equipment - 46 pcs.
- bins and benches - 67 pcs.

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