Logistics and customs

We will ensure prompt and stable deliveries We work with the best customs agents and transport companies

In order for you to receive the goods as quickly as possible, we choose the optimal ways of cargo delivery. We check conformity of the shipped goods with the weight and volume indicated in the documents, the durability and integrity of the packaging, the presence of seals on individual types of packaging and containers. Transportation is carried out in a multimodal way to a client’s warehouse. 
This means that several types of transport are used for shipment of one cargo - but all this happens under the control of one company. We have obligations to our clients for safety of the goods and observance of the terms of transportation.

  • We will prepare all necessary documentation. 
  • We will control the weight of a cargo and accuracy of filling a packing list.

If the actual weight of a batch differs from the claimed weight even by a few kilograms, the cargo will be stopped at the customs. You will have to reissue the documents and the solution of such problem will certainly require your personal presence.
We completely rule out the occurrence of such situations.

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