Organization of production

This is all the work that needs to be done before paying for the goods:

gathering additional information

visiting factories

receiving samples and sending them to Russia

coordinating all contractual relations and concluding a contract

agreeing on quality, terms, guarantees

calculating the final price (it consists of the cost of production and samples, payments for logistics, customs);

We draw up the document in such a way that all details of a partnership are reflected in it in the most thorough and clear manner. We aim at maximum safety so that the Chinese partners do not let us down, thus we do not let down a Russian client. At this stage we can bargain: we know when and to what extent we can lower the price.

Let us crystallize your idea in: specifications, blueprints and technical requirements.

As a rule, the factory requires very accurate, detailed information to produce the goods.
Very few have such information and usually our customers have only a general idea.

We will work out the details of your idea, gather information on the components, work through and improve the prototype, devise the technical specification for manufacturing.

At all times we visit and get acquainted with potential manufacturers.

establish personal contact with representatives of the factory

get acquainted with the managing staff

build a more trusting relationship with the manufacturer

find out the quality control scheme

learn the culture of production and production capacity

learn the production process, equipment, storage conditions

diving into the details of production

get acquainted with the quality of raw materials and components

identify all possible causes of defects and delays

We agree on quality, terms, guarantees.

 We aim at maximum safety, so that the Chinese partners will not let us down so that we won’t let you down

We calculate the final price.

At this stage we can bargain: we know when and to what extent you can lower the price.
We devise a strict contract with the factory/manufacturer. 

We foresee risks and outline penalties. We draw up a document in such a way that all details of a partnership are reflected in it in the most thorough and clear manner.
At least once a week we

send photos and videos 

so you can watch the progress of the production process.
Through us, clients can have a permanent

 contact with the manufacturer 

to monitor the process and solve current production issues.


We ask the factory for samples and send them to the client by express delivery:

1 Samples at the information gathering stage 

collection of samples of one kind of goods from 3-15 suppliers for comparison of quality.

2 Sample matrix 

creating an ideal prototype for the whole batch can require from 1 to 5 iterations.

3 Samples from the produced batch 

collection of assorted samples from the batch and sending them to the client for a control check.

Our goal

The 5th Planet provides a full range of services for organizing manufacturing in China - from finding a reliable manufacturer to fast delivery to any country in the world.

Our goal is to achieve a sample of perfect quality. Before starting production of the batch, we send samples to the client or make photo and video reports for approval. Because of this our client is guaranteed to always receive quality goods.

If intermediaries are not identified at an early stage, there is a great chance of disrupted timing of deliveries, striking differences between the approved samples and the goods from the batch and financial fraud.

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