Quality control and inspection


Production control.  

If necessary, our representative regularly visits the factory, checks the quality of the goods at key production stages, and, when carrying out complex projects, monitors the production process on a daily basis.

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI).

During this check, our experts personally ensure that the manufactured product corresponds to the approved samples. Only after that the product is packaged and sent to the client. If we have any doubts about the quality, the manufactured goods are subject to additional inspection. If any shortcomings are identified, the products are replaced with "excellent" or manufactured again.

Container loading supervision (CLS).  

When the goods are already packaged in boxes for export and ready for shipment, the inspector controls the loading process and monitors the condition of containers and handling of the goods with care.

Important points during loading:
  • checking the internal condition of a container - no dampness, mold or smell;
  • control of loaders work and prevention of negligent handling of goods;
  • control of loading of goods into a container with different types of cargo.
Each batch is carefully inspected before shipping to Russia.

We check the quality of a product, full compliance with specifications, integrity of a package.

If desired, the manufactured product is subject to additional checks for compliance with requirements (test of durability, chemical analysis, shelf life, color match, what an eye cannot measure)

If any shortcomings are detected, the products are replaced with "excellent" or manufactured again.

Risks of damage of goods and its packaging are present at all stages,
so we are attending all loadings/unloadings
to personally verify that the goods and packaging
are intact and secure when shipped.


Loading in a production warehouse


Unloading in a consolidation warehouse


Loading in a consolidation warehouse


Loading in a container.

We will prepare all necessary documents for export.

We will also check the weight of a cargo and accuracy of filling the packing list. We will completely eliminate any deviation of an actual weight of a batch from a declared weight, since this can entail problems at the customs.

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