Search for the goods and the manufacturer

We will find all existing factories in China that have facilities for production of the desired product. We will choose the best one among them

We find 30-100 factories and
  • gather the most detailed information about the product
  • find manufacturers capable of producing the right product
  • get the first prices
We select 5-15 suitable factories and

check the manufacturers through the tax authorities of China

find out manufacturers history (sites, contacts, registration documents)

request samples and compare them by durability, quality of production and components. If necessary, we send samples for expertise.

We go to 3-10 best factories and

visit factories and personally meet with owners

personally examine the production and study the documentation

make a preliminary agreement for partnership

Get a free consultation on starting a production in China right now!

And find out in detail how we will find the necessary product or factory for you, help you to specify the idea, make a prototype of a new product and arrange production on favorable terms.

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